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Harvested products, especially vegetables placed in salads, are at the current daily temperature when harvested in summer. The harvested products should be kept fresh to deliver them to the customers, and for this, the products are quickly cooled to 2 to 4 degrees. If the product was harvested at a temperature above 20 ° C, the degree of cooling required to cool the product down to storage temperature will damage the product. To prevent this, moisture is added during the cooling period. However, humidification may not be possible during the entire cooling period, as it is costly commercially. For this reason, humidification is timed to start when cooling is finished and the product is provided with humidity when on the bench, from the air with the fogging system. At the same time, permanent moisture is supplied to prevent moisture loss during the next cooling cycle. The normal cycle is 5 minutes of fog giving followed by 15 minutes of cooling. This cycle is repeated until the harvested product has reached its desired temperature. There is no humidity control for this process and control is achieved using a timing circuit on the plant control panel that operates the humidifier. Continuous operation of the fans in the cooling plant is critical during this process to protect the air distribution lines. The choice of equipment depends on the type of cooling unit used. In general, high humidity coolants are used in this application, assuming that they will cause less damage to the harvested product. 

However, this is not the case due to the temperature difference between the cooling air and the harvested product. While the humidity of the air at the outlet of the cooler is 98% relative humidity, the moisture rate around the product can generally fall down to 75% relative humidity. The best way to distribute the spray is to install a sled with nozzles, such as those in the JetSpray compressed air and water humidifier, against the face of the evaporator in the cold store and distribute moisture using the evaporator's fans. Nozzles should not have a capacity of more than 3.5 liters / hour, since the spray from larger nozzles is too heavy to dispense inside the warehouse. The nozzles should be mounted on a stainless steel line that sprays into the air flow. It is not common to make a humidification of more than 50 liters per hour using a typical JetSpray 60 control panel. The panel should be installed outside the humidified area or in an IP65 insulated box to prevent it from getting wet. Control should be provided with timer circuits and should not be done with typical moisture meters not designed for this application.

Soğuk Hava Odası Nemlendirme Sistemi

Soğuk Hava Odası Nemlendirme Sistemi

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