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Moisture control in the paper industry is imperative to control the moisture of paper lost after drying. Once the paper has been produced and rolled, it can be exposed to ambient conditions, sometimes up to 2 hours at the end of the paper machine work. The moisture content of the paper surfaces exposed to the external environment changes depending on the humidity of the outdoor environment, which causes problems during cutting and packaging. Low humidity below 50% causes the paper to pull, curl and deteriorate in dimensions, making the paper roll unusable, causing great damage in production. The typical humidity required to prevent this from occurring is 55% relative humidity.

When this level is maintained, the moisture in the paper not only maintains the flexibility of the product, but also the stability during production.


Since the drying tip and surrounding area of ​​a paper machine is generally well ventilated, the humidity change in the environment has an effect on the paper wrapped at the end of the machine.


Low humidity in the paper cutting area causes very fast moisture losses. However, damage to the paper cannot be seen at this stage, as the tension on the paper prevents any curl or dimensional change.


The changes occurring in the paper during the cutting process are seen in the stratification stage because the stress on the paper has been removed and it can change its shape freely. In case of excessive moisture losses, phase breaks occur. This is the stage where the moisture change causes such a large dimensional change and the paper is torn.

Sheet tears not only damage the paper, but also cost the manufacturer a lot, since it takes time to reinsert the machine.

It is important to maintain moisture in the finishing and packaging areas to prevent not only paper but also packaging from drying out.

When the moisture in the package decreases, the missing moisture is removed from the paper, which causes the paper to shrink. These dimensional changes are permanent. Once formed, they cannot be returned, and so the paper becomes unusable.

Static electricity is generated when the humidity drops below 45%. This can be a very high charge. The level that can occur can be quite high, for example, a spark requires 30,000 volts to exceed 1 cm, and sometimes sparks that can exceed 50 centimeters can occur on cutting machines.

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Soğuk Hava Odası Nemlendirme Sistemi

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