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High efficiency in poultry can be achieved only with the genotype and optimum environmental impact. Environmental conditions include all external factors that affect the development and productivity of chickens. One of the most important environmental problems encountered is high temperature and humidity. In cases where the ambient temperature exceeds the optimum limits, increases in the body temperature of the birds between 1-2 degrees occur. Oxygen in the air taken into the lungs under high temperature conditions decreases 4-5 times. If the humidity of the suitable ambient air can be kept constant, animals will be less prone to diseases and grow faster.


With the Antbiokim humidification systems, the moisture automation system your poultry needs can be monitored and the required humidity can be kept constant. Also, since our system is capable of spraying all water based solutions, you can do the disinfection you need during the period without additional costs.

Soğuk Hava Odası Nemlendirme Sistemi

Soğuk Hava Odası Nemlendirme Sistemi

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