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Mushroom Factory Humidification Systems Automated Low Pressure (HUMIDITY-TEMPERATURE)


Mushroom Factory Humidification Systems


Wide area mushroom humidification Mushrooms can be grown in places where temperature and humidity can be kept under control and not in sunlight that is easy to ventilate. In mushroom cultivation, the humidity requirement rises up to 85-95%. This high humidity requirement is possible with Çevenerji fogging humidification systems.


System Features:

HD01AN Indicator Temperature sensor transmitter.
Thanks to the NTC sensors on it, this information is transferred to the outside world by measuring the temperature. Due to the nature of the NTC sensors, temperature measurements can be made according to the process by producing in various metal cases.
The analog sensors and RS485 Modbus outputs of the device sensors used in humidity and temperature measurements are provided.
4 sensor inputs can be made as input to the device. 4 Temperature and humidity information taken from 4 points can be transferred to other systems.
Control can be done with the help of the relay on it.
Thanks to the RS485 Modbus communication output on it, it provides infrastructure for remote monitoring systems.
It enables the system to turn on and off automatically by measuring from two desired points in the room.
The system also has the feature of working with time adjustment.


The new Carbon Dioxide, Humidity control, Temperature, Light, Climate control system offers users a fast and practical solution. Humidity in the desired area can be controlled from an integrated panel. The biggest of the possibilities offered to users here is to have a plug and play structure.


For such devices, additionally a panel power supply and additionally contactors that allow control can be used. In this system, they are all collected in a single box and designed to connect directly to the element to be controlled.


In the Carbon Dioxide Control System, control is done only for carbon dioxide. Temperature humidity and external temperature value can be observed on the device.


In the control part, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity control, Temperature, Light, Climate control system control can be done.

In these controls, AUTOMATIC / MANUAL / TIMED operation options can be selected and the system starts the control autonomously.


TIMER / TIMED operation is available in Lamp and Air Conditioning control.


In the System;
1 Low Pressure Pump Panel

1 3/8 inch end plug (Line Terminator)

1pc Temperature Humidity Meter
1pc Filter Set 10 Inch
1pc 1/4 Solenoid Valve 0-16 Bar
3 Meter Low Pressure hose 12 MM
16 Nickel Nozzle Carriers 3/8
16 Nickel Nozzle 0,2
35 Meter High Pressure Hose 3/8

Mushroom Factory Humidification Systems Automated, Low Pressure, 2 measurements

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