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Customs doors, greenhouse, slaughterhouse, ovine, bovine farms, recycling facilities disinfection TAG for providing hygiene at vehicle entrances and disinfection of bacteria and viruses.


TAG is a tunnel system in which all external visible areas of the vehicles can be disinfected with all the equipment (fogging method) necessary to purify the microorganisms of the vehicles and living creatures entering the facility and disinfect the entire vehicle. (2 - 4 mt length - 4 mt width)


In vehicle disinfection with the fogging method, the vehicle that enters the TAG and the input sensors that detect the entrance automatically activate the system.

Disinfection with the fogging method, as the disinfectant liquid from the nozzles turns into a cloud of fog, it destroys harmful microorganisms in all areas where the disinfectant comes into contact without wetting the vehicle.


Optionally, by adding automation and barrier to the system, the vehicle can be prevented from leaving the tunnel without disinfection.


Optionally, a self-closing mechanical door or electronic automatic door can be placed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel to prevent it from spreading around in the open spaces or to be affected by the external weather conditions in the least possible way.




  • The outer part of the tunnel is covered with UV filtered polycarbonate.
  • Sensors that detect the vehicle at the entrance and exit of the tunnel are installed.
  • In the systems installed in the interior area, the cabin is installed according to the area where the installation is drawn. (optional)
  • An automation system that warns and protects the system by shutting down the system can be installed in case the tunnel runs in winter, decreases in all faults and tank levels, or if tanks and disinfectant runs out. (optional)




  • Automation Cabinet (optional); It is mounted adjacent to the tunnel.
  • Fogging starts when the vehicle is detected by the sensor at the TAG input. In order to disinfect the vehicle, the system sprays the disinfectant liquid in a cloud of mist. Thanks to the fogging method during spraying, the vehicle is accessed to all points, not washing.
  • On the standard automation control panel; There is a digital timer for setting disinfection run time.
  • In addition, in the automation taken within the scope of the optional winter automation, there is a digital temperature control device that controls the cabin temperature and a digital temperature control device that controls the outside temperature. (It is special for regions where winter automation is requested.)


Winter Automation;


On the automation control panel; There will be a digital timer for adjusting the disinfection working time, a digital temperature control device that controls the cabin temperature, and a digital temperature control probe that controls the outside temperature.There will also be operating buttons with motor and pump protection circuits. In order to automatically prevent damage to mechanical parts (pump, motor etc.) working in the system in automation; If any of the water, disinfectant and antifreeze ends, the system will automatically switch to a stop state and will not perform disinfection while in this position. Summer and winter temperature settings will also be pre-loaded and separate operating modes will be determined. In order to prevent the anti-freeze and disinfectant liquid in the system to be consumed during the circuit change, there will be return lines to the relevant tank when the liquids in the system are not working. When the water is cut, pressure control sensor will be used to stop the system. Fully automatic cellonoid valve will be used at 70 bar pressure. User manual and system on-off features should be available on the LCD screen. On the automation control panel; There will be digital LCD screen timers, automatic automation software that controls the cabin temperature, digital temperature control device, digital temperature control probe for controlling the outdoor temperature, for setting the disinfection working time automatically. There will also be operating buttons with motor and pump protection circuits. Pump Motor Group will be on the pressure regulating regulator that determines the working pressure. In the pump motor group, ceramic piston, long life, high pressure pump will be used. It controls the level of disinfectant used for disinfection with the help of control devices in the system. In the event that no liquid can be taken from any of the water or disinfectant tanks, the system automatically switches to the warning state and does not disinfect while in this position. In this way, damage to the mechanical parts (pump, motor etc.) working in the system is automatically prevented.


Disinfection TAG



3 Pieces - TAG PIPE - 80 * 80








1 Piece 100 Lt Tank


Our prices are excluding assembly and cargo.

The machine room and assembly method of the products sent belong to the customer.

TAG Economic Model - SINGLE PIPE

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