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Outdoor Heating

Toshıba infrared Quartz Outdoor heating device of our infrared heater module equipped with halogen lamps; usage voltage is 220 v - 240 v. It provides heating in an area of approximately 9 square meters. The heating area differs according to the mounting height and angle. It is resistant to splashes and moisture. It is available to install on ceiling, wall or under an umbrella. It can be installed and used horizontally and vertically. Similar to the heating effect created by the sun, it heats people and the objects that come across it, not the air. This type of heating becomes the most effective method of heating outdoors or in places where insulation is limited. It provides full efficiency within 2 seconds after being burned. It has no moving parts that can cause malfunctions.

Scope of application

  • Restaurant heating, cafeteria etc. heating of open spaces and terraces of places,

  • Factory heating and storage areas heating,

  • Workshop heating, workshop and workshop heating,

  • Fair area heating, heating the show center areas,

  • Under umbrella heating and heating under awnings,

  • Places where it is desired to prevent icing,

  • Urgent fast and temporary heating places,

  • Sports field and ski centers,

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