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Tobacco is very sensitive to moisture, it cannot retain moisture in dry environments. The fermentation process slows down and quickly loses its properties. For this reason, the humidity level should be controlled in environments where raw tobacco is preserved and processed. Click here to get more information about the system. .

Moisture control in the paper industry is imperative to control the moisture of paper lost after drying. Once the paper has been produced and rolled, it can be exposed to ambient conditions, sometimes up to 2 hours at the end of the paper machine work. The moisture content of the paper surfaces exposed to the external environment changes depending on the humidity of the outdoor environment, which causes problems during cutting and packaging. Click here to get more information about the system. 

There are many different applications for humidifiers in the food production industry. Click here to get information about a few of the humidity control projects carried out by Çevenerji humidifiers for food manufacturers worldwide .

They can be grown in places where mushroom temperature and humidity can be kept under control and not in sunlight that is easy to ventilate. In mushroom cultivation, the humidity requirement rises up to 85-95%. This high humidity requirement is possible with Antbiokim fogging humidification systems. Click here to get more information about the system .