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Carbon Dioxide & Humidity Control System

Carbon Dioxide and Humidity control system offers users a fast and practical solution. Although the Carbon Dioxide and Humidity ratio in the desired region can be controlled from an integrated panel, the panel can be designed for only one product at the request of the user.

The biggest of the possibilities offered to users here is to have a plug and play structure. For these types of devices, additionally a panel power supply and additionally contactors that allow control can be used.

In this system, they are all collected in a single box and designed to connect directly to the element to be controlled.

In the Carbon Dioxide and Humidity Control System, control is done for both carbon dioxide and humidity. Temperature humidity and external temperature value can be observed on the device.

Mushroom Automation System

Otomasyon panosu

The pictures show the automation of 4-room mushroom automation.

In this system, 4 rooms are controlled over a single panel.

In the measurements made with our sensors in our rooms:
Co2 ratio: 0-5000ppm
Ambient temperature / humidity: -40 / 120C 0-100% Rh
Compost temperature ratio: -20 / 100C can be measured.

In the control part

FAN / CLIMATE / LAMP / HUMIDIFY control can be done.
In these controls, AUTOMATIC / MANUAL / TIMED operation options can be selected and the system starts the control autonomously.

TIMER / TIMED operation is available for lamp control. It is ensured that it remains active in the established hours and passive in the other intervals.

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