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Tobacco is very sensitive to moisture, it cannot retain moisture in dry environments. The fermentation process slows down and quickly loses its properties. For this reason, in environments where raw tobacco is preserved and processed, it is recommended that the humidity level is quite high, between 70-80% rh and it is between the ambient temperature and the ambient temperature is kept between 22-25 degrees. Thus, the flavor that is very important for the quality of tobacco is not lost and higher quality fermentation process takes place and the tobacco is easily burned and ready to be used. These high humidity rates can be easily achieved with Antbiokim fogging systems. USING TOBACCO IS HARMFUL TO HEALTH.


If you are dealing with problems such as static electricity, low recovery, yarn breakage, dust, lint in your production facility, you need a humidifier. All these are symptoms caused by dry air and can be resolved by re-humidifying the air. We have 20 years of experience in solving dry air problems in the textile industry worldwide. As an expert in humidification, we offer a wide range of products that consume little energy and precisely controlled humidifiers for all textile applications.

  • Dry air causes low return on investment rates, resulting in lower quality and lesser yields. The low moisture cotton thread is weaker, thinner, more fragile, less elastic and creates more friction and is more susceptible to static electricity build up.

  • Optimum return on investment rated materials are more resistant to breakage, heat and friction effects, are easier to process, contain fewer errors, are smoother and have a better texture. Higher humidity reduces problems caused by static electricity. Reduced static electricity makes materials easier to process and increases machine speed.

  • Textile weights are standard at 60% relative humidity and 20 ° C. Low humidity means less material weight and reduced profit. Low humidity causes the fabric to shrink. Protected moisture provides more reliable cutting and sewing during garment making and contributes to the preservation of specifications where measurements such as carpet production are important.

  • Humidification reduces the formation of insects and small dust, providing a healthier and more comfortable working environment. Spray humidifiers have a significant amount of cooling effect, which lowers the factory’s high temperature.