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With fogging systems, ideal environment for sweating and photosynthesis is created, which is very important for growing plants by keeping the humidity of the ideal living environments which is not too hot or too cold, and not excessive moisture or low humidity. Keeps the humidity in the greenhouse under control. With the right humidification systems in greenhouses, better quality plants, fast crops and less diseases are provided. 


Thanks to the system, the temperature and humidity amounts in the greenhouses can be brought under control.


  • Thanks to the system, cooling up to 17 degrees can be done in greenhouses.


  • It is possible to manufacture throughout the year.

  • In changing climates, the necessary temperature and humidity level for the greenhouse can be maintained.

  • It increases the variety and quality of the growing plants.

  • Plants are enabled to grow in an ideal environment.

  • It increases the production amount.

  • It allows plants to root faster and grow faster.

  • It prevents water loss of growing plants.

  • It is easy to install.

  • Operation and maintenance is simple.

  • It can be integrated with fan systems and heated systems.

  • There are specially designed systems according to the structure and product of each greenhouse.

  • It pulls the freezing point down to 4 degrees.

  • With the humidification system, you can apply water-soluble fungi and medicines.

  • The system is modular, silent and automatic. It is also an extensible system.

  • It provides low energy and irrigation costs. It consumes less energy than other mechanical systems.

Sera nemlendirme sistem kurulumu Expo sera nemlendirme #EXPO2016Antalya #nemlendirmesistemi

Sera nemlendirme sistem kurulumu Expo sera nemlendirme #EXPO2016Antalya #nemlendirmesistemi

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