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There are many different applications for humidifiers in the food production industry. Some of the many moisture control projects carried out by Antbiokim humidifiers for food manufacturers worldwide are given below:


Bread fermentation ovens - fermentation furnaces must be kept at 75% relative humidity to prevent the bread from sticking to the surface during the fermentation process before baking. If the bread dries, it forms a crust, which causes the bread to crack. This damages the taste and appearance of the product.


Biscuits - In order to produce a moist, slightly fluffy thin biscuit, steam humidifiers are used to keep the air at 75% relative humidity to allow the thin biscuit to swell before it dries.


Cheese stores - cold cheese stores must be kept at a high relative humidity of 95% to prevent breaking and cracking during the maturation of cheese.


Smoked sausage - smoked process should be kept at a relative humidity of 75-80% to prevent the sausages from drying out because they have been hanging still for a long time.


Tea bags - moisture control is used to keep the weight of each tea bag the same until tea is filled in bags and placed in cardboard packages and to maintain the moisture rate of tea. It is also used to control the static electricity and ensure that tea flows continuously from the feed silo into the bags.


Potato flakes - With tight control of CO2 and light levels, potatoes can be kept fresh for up to nine months, keeping the potato reservoir at 4 ° C and humidity at 95% relative humidity. The reservoir is a reserve storage area used when the supply of potatoes from suppliers is interrupted. This ensures that the flakes production is not interrupted and operates on a 24/7 basis.


In many of the above applications, humidifiers are used to prevent the product from losing its moisture by giving it to the external environment. It ensures the correct moisture content and quality within the product and extends the shelf life and improves the appearance of the product. However, the adiabatic cooling effect of a spray humidifier, such as a nozzle, can also reduce the temperature by providing additional benefit.

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Soğuk Hava Odası Nemlendirme Sistemi

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