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Providing hygiene at Airports, Sea Ports, Marinas, Train Station, Bus Station, Greenhouse, Slaughterhouse, Ovine Farm, Cattle Farms and Human Entrances. Disinfection tunnel is used for the destruction and disinfection of bacteria and viruses.
Tunnels for the purification of the microorganisms from people and living things entering the facility. For hand and foot disinfection and whole body disinfection. It is a tunnel or container system in which all necessary equipment (floor mat, hand disinfection and fogging method) included. External visible areas of people can be disinfected entirely.
In human disinfection with fogging method, the person entering the tunnel disinfects his hand and passes to the hygiene mat. The entrance sensors that detect the entrance when entering the tunnel automatically activate the system.
In disinfection with the fogging method, disinfectant liquid from the nozzles turns into a cloud of fog and reaches microorganisms in all areas of the person in the without wetting the person. Depending on the disinfectant substance preferred by the enterprises, the person may be given a face mask without entering the system.
Optionally, it is possible to ensure that the person does not exit the tunnel without hand or foot disinfection.
Optionally, a self-closing mechanical door or an electronic automatic door can be placed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel to prevent it from spreading around in the open spaces and to be affected by the weather conditions in the least way.