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Our Systems can be used for: Cooling the Fields and Wrestling Fiels, Cooling the Rally field, Cooling the Concert S ites, Cooling the Cafeterias, and Wide Areas, Cooling Restaurants, Cooling of the Garden and Terrace with Open Space, Cooling of the Factory, Storage Area, and Workshops, Cooling the Trade Centers, Shower Centers and Cooling of High Volume and High Ceiling Areas, Cooling in Beach Parks and Country Wedding Organizations, Cooling the Zoos, Livestock Farms and Animal Shelters. Click here to get more information about our systems.

Evaporative cooling is the only effective solution which is proven for outdoor cooling worldwide. Evaporative cooling is the delivery of water, in other words, moisture , in order to evaporate rapidly in the environment. Click here to get more information about our systems .


Antbiochem cooling systems are installed in large enclosed spaces with the benefit of reduced energy consumption due to their enormous advantages and high benefits.

Air conditioning of large industrial warehouses, including those that need to work with open doors and windows, has been impossible with traditional systems to date.

But today, Anbiokim fogging systems are ideal for cooling large areas (industrial hangars, garages, workshops) or dissipating high heat emissions from industrial processes (foundries, machinery).

The cooling effect can also be combined with humidity control to increase efficiency in certain industries (paper, wood, textiles).

Water is sprayed with special patented nozzles under pressure, which can produce very fine droplets less than 10 microns, which are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting the surfaces and the following objects. The results are important: low installation and operating cost, immediate effect, cooling effect of the relevant areas, and the possibility of installation in a closed, semi-open and open environment.


It is possible to provide the cooling effect where it is required and to save on installation costs without necessarily covering the entire area.


  • The important aspect of the fogging systems is the very low costs compared to the traditional industrial air conditioner.

  • Installation is easy and fast, as the systems are provided in the modular kit with polyamide pipes and quick couplers.

  • Antbiokim systems are designed to operate at low operating costs and require minimum maintenance.


The benefits of using fogging systems for industrial cooling are noteworthy;

  • Increases the overall productivity of your employees,

  • Controls air conditioner dust, gases, fumes and other harmful emissions in their respective areas,

  • Instant temperature drop,

  • Installation costs reduced by 75% Significant energy savings,

  • Easy and cheap maintenance,

  • It reduces heat stress,

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We use effective solutions for proven outdoor heating worldwide. Click here to learn more about our systems .

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