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It is a disinfection unit established in the form of a tunnel, which is established to disinfect the outer surfaces of animals coming to animal markets and businesses or in case of any disease for all animals to be disinfected. The animals to be disinfected are passed through the tunnel in turn, and the fogging method ensures that disinfectant water reaches all surfaces of the animal with the least amount of consumption.


With the Animal Disinfection Tunnel, which is the disinfection process of the animals is carried out by the fogging method, happens through with the disinfectant liquid in the system consisting of a large number of sprayers placed inside of the disinfection tunnels. Thus, a healthier environment is achieved by using less disinfectant material and water. Thanks to the fogging method, less disinfectant, less water and less time is used, as well as unnecessary use of personnel are eliminated, and the health of employees and animals is protected. Animal disinfection with fogging method is carried out in various ways. However, the method to be used also changes the quality of disinfection.


  • The animal is driven into a disinfection tunnel,

  • Disinfectant is given to the medium by means of material sprayers,

  • Disinfectant sinks to the animal with this method,

  • Thanks to the sensors, when the passage of the animal is completed, the fogging stops and the process is concludes.

Usage Areas

  • Cattle production farms,


  • Ovine production farms,


  • Dairy production facilities,


  • Poultry.

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