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OKS Ambient Odor System, With hygienville OKS dispensers that contain the most technologically advanced settings, you can load the working frequencies that you can get the most optimum efficiency according to your business hours.

With our OKS devices, which you can set to work 5 days a week, 6 days a week or 7 days a week, you can also adjust the odor spray frequency.

In this way, it is inevitable to obtain more economic results with a more efficient use. The high oil rate in the fragrances used in its liquids and the pharmaceutical valve technology used to show the microscopic spray distribution of this fragrance show the final point of OKS devices.

One of the most important features is the use of the "sanador" odor inhibitor as an active ingredient component. Sanador, registered in U.S. Pat. No. 6540988, is an odor suppressant. Captures bad smell molecules and bacterial cells while in the air.

The active ingredients of Sanador, "citronelil" and "methylkrotonatel" have proven to be anti-microbial. Thanks to its formula, it neutralizes background odors such as cigarettes, food and body odors. Thanks to this advanced technology product, your environments will smell better and more spacious. With the expert staff of Antbiokim company, bad odors in the environment are followed. We continue to be with you with corporate fragrance agreements to be made.


With the Rulopak Professional Fragrance System, large areas (AVM, Hotel Floors, Plazas, Schools, Classrooms, Hospitals etc.) are cleared of bad odors.

With the Rich Fragrance Types and 2 different appearance fragrance machines, to create a spacious and fragrant environment for your customers, experience this with Antbiokim company with corporate solution opportunities.

With its rich fragrance type, Rulopak institutional fragrance machines are sufficient for 30 ~ 45 days, based on the principle of 12 minutes per day (12 hours of 24 hours a day, 1 minute of work). It is possible to extend the time up to 90 ~ days with the settings you will make.

Take your place in the brain of your customers with the fragrance belonging to your institution with our 12 kinds of scent machines. Odors;

1- Taj Mahal (Hall / Store Smell)

2- Petra (Salon / Shop Smell)

3- Aspendos (Hall / Store Smell)

4- Cappadocia (Hall / Store Scent)

5- Sümela (Salon / Store Smell)

6- Colosseum (Hall / Store Smell)

7- Keops (Hall / Store Smell)

8- Eiffel (For Wc Toilet)

9- Artemis (For Wc Toilet)

10- Semazen - Rose Scent (Salon / Shop Scent)

11- Lavender (Salon / Shop Scent)

12- Oregon (Salon / Shop Smell)



Vaportek was the leading force behind the dry steam technology of essential oil.

Unique Vaportek technology, originally developed for use in cancer services, serves mosques and many other areas due to disaster restoration, hospitals, hotels, sports halls, vehicles, pet deodorization, air conditioners, non-alcoholic odor.

Vaportek's dry steam systems use natural essential oils to neutralize organic-based odors, not mask-based. Ease of use, safety, efficiency and cost savings of proven products make the Vaportek product the preferred choice!

Regardless of the odor severity or the size of the area of use, Vaportek has a safe and simple solution. Place your trust in Vaportek and the original oil mixture for effective and permanent odor removal.

As Antbiokim, we are committed to providing you with an environmentally friendly solution for your perfect customer service, affordable pricing and organic fragrance problems beyond our 100% guarantee.



Our natural aromas, which are used together with the fragrance technique, are brought to the nano dimension and spread to the air in the invisible patricles and thus, odor distribution is provided to large areas.

Ultra-Light Nano Droplets, which have a diameter as small as one percent of the droplets produced by conventional spray systems and spread to the environment by making them lighter than a million, can hang for 7-14 hours in the air.

Our fragrance models, created entirely from natural plants and fruit extracts, do not contain alcohol and propellant gases. They can be applied to all living areas in a healthy way with a wide range of Aroma options.

Our Antodor Fragrance spreader devices are the healthiest fragrance technology that can provide essential oil and flavors to be spread evenly throughout the environment without creating any irradiation. They are completely reliable and economical systems and they can be programmed to work in adjustable periods with the digital control panel and provide equal odor concentration at desired time and intervals.

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