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Biyorem torba

Biyorem products are a series of environmentally friendly bacterial products made of substances that do not harm human and environmental health (waste fibers of cotton plants).

With natural bioremediation method that absorbs all kinds of organic pollution, especially heavy hydrocarbons of petroleum origin, which can be broken down by digesting, can operate in a wide pH range and at high salinity rates such as sea water, and also biodegrades itself after consuming all organic pollution in the environment. They are powder products designed to clean the impurities.

Bioremediation is the process of breaking down long hydrocarbon chains into the final product, carbon dioxide and water.

Biyori I include natural microorganisms and nutrients required for their comminution hydrocarbons.

Biyorem can eliminate a wide variety of hydrocarbon derivatives such as PCB (poly clorinated biphenil) and PAH (poly aromatic hydrocarbon). Biyorem eliminates the transportation and displacement costs by removing hydrocarbon polluted soils on site, as well as providing advantages such as the ability to be applied in very large areas at once and completely harmless to human and environment.

The bacterial population formed with Biyorem can also live in oxygenated and oxygen-free environments. It is not affected by the salinity of the medium at low or high pH levels. It can survive in all weather conditions.

Biyorem primarily covers hydrocarbons (encapsulation) and prevents them from spreading (thus eliminating the risk of leakage) and converts them into fertilizer in a short time by providing biological analysis.

It is not poisonous, carcinogenic or pathogenic.

There is no harm in skin contact and it does not require any precaution during application.

It initiates the transformation of harmful by-products by accumulating the substances very quickly and safely in the accidents that may occur in the production of hazardous materials or in storage, emergency interventions, and by breaking the organic structure of the waste materials when they are thrown into the soil.

It is used for the improvement of natural environments by disposing of biological solution in lakes, seas, streams, marshes and in places where organic materials are found at the bottom.

It is laid in a thick layer around the fuel tanks and possible leaks are prevented from mixing with the natural environment.

The products used in bioremediation application are natural biological products that are completely harmless to human, animal, plant and environmental health.



Hydrocarbon Absorbent and Bioremediation product in soil and water.

Biyorem-1 is a very strong and effective oil / fuel absorbent and bioremediation product used in direct spills and in hydrocarbon contaminated soils and water.

The product contains natural bacteria found in soil and plants. When Biyorem-1 is combined with hydrocarbon and appropriate humid environment is provided, the bacteria rapidly multiplies inside the fibers and breaks down the pollution into harmless components.


Biyorem-1 is a dry absorbent bearing microorganisms. It is applied by homogeneously blending to contaminated soil. Upon contact with hydrocarbon Biyorem, it is absorbed and encapsulated with fibers.

Biyorem-1 is applied by mixing it with soil with simple agricultural tools. As with other bacterial applications, there is no need for washing, grinding or any other treatment.

Biyorem-1 technology can be applied on site or externally; is much more practical, effective and environmentally friendly than other traditional remedies.


  • Biyorem-1 It provides the cleaning of the soil contaminated with hydrocarbons to the waste centers, without the need for difficult and expensive operations, by means of bioremediation method.

  • The encapsulation with biyorem-1 continues until the bioremediation process of hydrocarbons is completed.

  • The application of the bioremediation method with Biyorem-1 is easy, quick and economical.

  • With rapid encapsulation and immobilization, it eliminates oil leakage into underground water sources (hydrocarbons).

  • It is safe and easy to apply, does not require special training and does not have to be specialized personnel in practice.

  • Biyorem-1 is non-toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic and volatile. Incombustible

  • It is produced from a 100% natural and renewable source with a by-product of the cotton industry.

  • It is a Strong Absorbent.

  • Eliminates the Risk of Explosion.


The application of the bioremediation method with Biyorem is easy, quick and economical. It is sufficient to use Biyorem at the rate of 1 / 2–5 i of the amount of contaminated soil.

The first step of the application is sprinkling the powdered product to the dirty area.

The second step is to mix the waste and the product. In this way, the soil contaminated with hydrocarbon in the lower layers of the soil is also contacted with Biyorem and waste is absorbed. The product covers the waste as it meets the waste and prevents it from leaking to the lower layers. Thanks to this feature, the contaminated area is taken under control and the pollution of larger areas or groundwater resources is prevented.

Simple farming tools (shovel and harrow) are sufficient for this process, depending on the condition of the contaminated area. After mixing, the waste is absorbed by Biyorem and a noticeable difference occurs. After mixing, the application area is irrigated by sprinkling or similar, taking into account the moisture content of the soil. With this process, the sportive bacteria in the product activate and begin to break down hydrocarbons. Irrigation is repeated every 5-7 days in dry seasons so that bacteria can maintain their activity. Bacteria continue their activities when the air temperature is between 4.5 ° C and 49 ° C. At lower temperatures, activity stops but starts again with increasing temperature. If the air temperature drops below 4.5 ° C, black nylon cover can be laid on the application area and the activity can be continued.

Depending on the climate and weather conditions and soil structure, Bioremidation process is completed within 90 to 240 days. Hydrocarbons turn into water and carbon dioxide. The waste generated at the end of this application is harmless biomass. In cases where the ambient conditions are optimum, a 30-80% reduction in the amount of hydrocarbon was observed in the first 30 days. A general application protocol can be provided upon request. However, every bioremediation project is unique.


  • The level of pollution at the beginning of the bioremediation process TPH (Total Petrolleum Hydrocarbons) was determined as 7.191 ppm, which came 23 days after 63.826 ppm.

  • TPH (Total Petrolleum Hydrocarbons) value was determined as 2.180 ppm according to the analysis results of the soil samples taken on site on 04/08/2010.

  • TPH (Total Petrolleum Hydrocarbons) value was determined as 435 ppm according to the analysis results of the soil samples taken on 12/10/2010 from the relevant laboratory.

  • As a result: The process of on-site improvement (Bioremidation) of soil contaminated with hampetrol, which was started with BİYOREM-1 product on 01/06/2010, was completed with the decline of the analysis result of the last soil sample taken on 12/10/2010 to the desired values.

  • TPH (Total Petrolleum Hydrocarbons) value decreased from 63.826 ppm to 435 ppm. In this process, our company has been involved in every stage of its application and has made or has made the necessary interventions.

biyorem uygulama


It is a strong absorbent for oil and oil-based hydrocarbons, especially petroleum and its derivatives, with its structure consisting of cellulosic fibers.


Biyorem-2 is designed to absorb oil, oil and diesel spills on all hard floors. It is also used to absorb animal, vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils and oil-based paints.

Dry cleaning in one step: The product is sprinkled on and around the spillage area and is swept back and forth until the floor is dry. Then all absorbent is removed by sweeping, so that there is no more residue. No need to wash with detergent or solvent for the second time. Biyorem can also be used to absorb water-based liquids such as body fluids (blood, urea, and vomit), food products, dyes, and water-soluble chemicals (glycol).


  • It is manufactured in Turkey.

  • It is produced from natural, renewable resources, it is environmentally friendly.

  • It has excellent absorbent properties. It absorbs a wide range of liquids. Absorbs up to 10 times more oil and derivative hydrocarbons than other products (sawdust and sand).

  • It has passed all tightness tests.

  • It reduces the risk of environmental toxicity.

  • It is economical. Reduces shipping and disposal costs. Shortens cleaning time by 50%.

  • Disposal by storage is approved in most countries.

  • It is 100% biodegradable (bioremediation).

  • It is fast, safe and easy to use.

  • Safe for storage.

It is an all-natural, very strong absorbent consisting of cellulose fibers. The unused product is biodegradable in nature.

Heavy oil poured on hard floors, especially heavy hydrocarbons of petroleum origin, etc. It absorbs all kinds of liquid organic pollution up to 6 times its own weight according to the viscosity of the hydrocarbon.

It is extremely easy to apply, spread and collect on a solid surface.

It does not leave any oil layer on the surface after it is collected.

The used waste product can be bioremained or burned in furnaces suitable for energy recovery.

BİYOREM® is sprinkled on the oil and similar material spread on hard ground. The product meets the waste with the help of a broom or floor brush. When the product and waste mixture are removed by sweeping, there is no residue on the floor. If the swept waste is eliminated, hydrocarbon saturated BİYOREM® is separated from the excessive amount and the excess product is used again. In countries such as USA, Australia and Canada, wastes absorbed with BIOREM-like products are removed from the scope of hazardous waste and accepted to municipal dumps.

The most practical method of this application is the use of appropriate BİYOREM emergency response kits.



Booms, socks, pillows, pads and wipes absorbents are the products that are used in the market and provide the best absorption.

Many other products of the same type are made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene. Such products, which consume energy and natural resources during their production, are not considered environmentally friendly.

Biyorem booms, socks, pillows, pads and wipes products are made from recycled cellulose waste.

Common uses of booms, socks, pillows, pads and wipes are:

  • Used around equipment leaking in the industry; Controls spills that occur in water or land.

  • It is used to control spills in oil distribution processes or to prevent emergencies that may occur during transportation and delivery.

  • It is used in airline companies to control fuel, mineral oil and various liquid spills. Pads and wipes products can also be used for small spills and to clean hands.

  • Spill response teams to control spills on roads and waterways; They use booms, socks, pillows products and pads and wipes products to clean hands.


  • It controls spillage, absorbs and imprisons.

  • It provides excellent oil absorption on land and in water.

  • It is lightweight and easy to use and dispose of.

  • No special training is required to use it.

  • Biodegradable, can be burned.

  • It is not poisonous and carcinogenic.

  • In Australia, hazardous wastes absorbed by these products are treated as domestic waste.


BİYOREM Biyoremidasyon ürün tanıtımı

BİYOREM Biyoremidasyon ürün tanıtımı

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