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Evaporative cooling is the only effective solution for proven outdoor cooling worldwide. Evaporative cooling is the delivery of water, in other words, moisture, in order to evaporate rapidly in the environment. While the water supplied to the place evaporates, it draws heat from the environment and in this way, it ensures that the  given water drops to the environment lowers the temperature an average of 8-10 degrees compared to the neighbor environments. The water given to the environment should also not disturb those in the environment. It should not create wetness and excessive air circulation. The desired comfort is provided by giving the water to the environment at high pressure and ready to evaporate in the form of water fog. Water filtered from the network reaches special nozzles with high pressure pump (60-70 bar) and pipes and fogging occurs.

In addition to lowering the temperature of the open environment, the fogging system prevents volatiles such as flies and bees from entering the environment. With the dosing unit to be added to the system, it creates a decent appearance with the smell of the environment and fog effect. You can safely use the ANTBİOKİM outdoor cooling systems, which are easy and economical to apply in cafes, restaurants, hotels, villas and many open areas.

Let us introduce our salon type cooling system, which is one of the new models of evaporative cooling that can be used in open areas. Kabel cooler, which is an aqueous system, contributes to cooling the environment in indoor environments due to humidification and water temperature. Thanks to this system, both indoor environments cool and adequate humidification can be provided in the environment. This method can also be used for cooling the greenhouses and moistening the mushrooms.


With the Cool-Fog Fogging system when the Cooling Unit starts, it automatically activates, creating a cool environment around the cooling unit in air-cooled systems.

With its operation, it increases the efficiency of the cooling group with the temperature difference of 8-10 degrees and provides energy efficiency up to 20%.

Water particles in the micron level sprayed by the system create heat transfer in the environment. 1 liter of water sprayed at the micron level affects the surface area of ​​1200 square meters.

According to the application area and condition, 100% evaporation of the sprayed water can be achieved, as well as faster transfer of heat and high efficiency can be achieved by relieving the surface of the serpentine. Particularly when the serpentines are wet, special chemicals are used that do not harm human health and convenient to use with food.


  • Increases cooling capacity by 10-20%.


  • Reduces electricity consumption by 10-20%.


  • Extends compressor life.


  • Lowers maintenance costs.

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