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OKS Ambient Odor System, With hygienville OKS dispensers that contain the most technologically advanced settings, you can load the working frequencies that you can get the most optimum efficiency according to your business hours. Click here for detailed information .

The system can be summarized as pulverizing a mixture of water and neutralization product with very high pressure into the environment or outlet. The odors that cause complaints are no longer a problem with the Antbiochem Odor Control System. Click here to get more information about the system .


Tasofilt is a filtering system that prevents bad odors and pests that appear in sewer manhole covers especially in summer. It eliminates the problem of bad odors and pests that cause discomfort in the settlements by spreading through the sewer lids especially in the summer months. Click here to get more information about the system .

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Used vegetable waste oils constitute 25% of domestic waste water pollution.

Vegetable waste oils that reach the sea, stream and lake damage other species. 1 liter of waste oil can contaminate 1 million liters of drinking water. Waste vegetable oils cover the water surface and prevent oxygen transfer from air to water. Click here to get more information about the system .

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