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The system can be summarized as pulverizing a mixture of water and neutralization product with very high pressure into the environment or outlet.

The odors that cause complaints are no longer a problem with the Antbiochem Odor Control System. The system to be used is selected depending on the formation and type of the smell. The system acts in several ways at the same time, successfully neutralizing the odor emitted to the environment. According to the chosen method, appropriate neutralizing odor removal product is used.

Neutralization; Our Odor Control Products first target the odor molecule. It changes the structure of the bad smell perceived by the mucus in the nose by locking the odor molecule that disturbs the product with its unique effective structure. It starts the process of disintegration of the bad smell molecule.

Fragmentation; Our Odor Control Systems capture the odor molecules with the fog cloud created especially when applied with the fogging technique automation, allowing the high performance active substances in the product to contact the molecules. It changes the molecule of the unpleasant odor and accelerates the process of disintegration. It eliminates the smell problem.
With all these methods, the bad smell in the breathing environment is neutralized, it goes below the odor threshold, which is an uncomfortable level for humans. Antbiochem Odor Removal Systems are much more economical compared to other systems, low cost of installation, more efficient, more effective, flexible automation system.

Application; Our Odor Control Systems can be applied with special automation for different application areas. The system can be installed almost anywhere with an electricity and water line. The system works with water. The system consumes 0.1 - 0.01% of the amount of water used while using Antbiochem Odor Control Products.


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Rogar Kokusu Filtreleme sistemleri

Rogar Kokusu Filtreleme sistemleri

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