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1pc 6 Lt High Pressure Pump Panel

1 3/8 inch end plug (Line Terminator)

1pc Filter Set 10 Inch

12 Nickel Coated T Fasteners

100 Clamp for Pipe Installation


10 Meters Low Pressure Hose 12 MM

20 Pieces Nickel Nozzle Carrier 3/8

60 Pieces Nickel Nozzle 0,2 Dripless



100 Meters High Pressure Hose 3/8

Fogging Ring with 10 Nozzles 4

10 Pieces 50 cm Wall Hanger Ventilator (High Speed)

12 Pieces Nickel Coupler 3/8 inch

1 Piece of Solenoid valve


Evaporative cooling is the only effective solution for proven outdoor cooling worldwide. Evaporative cooling is the delivery of water in a way that evaporates quickly, in other words, moisture. While the water supplied to the place evaporates, it draws heat from the environment and in this way, it ensures that the temperature of the given water drops an average of 8-10 C compared to the neighboring environments.


The water given to the environment should also not disturb those in the environment. It should not create wetness and excessive air circulation. The desired comfort is provided by giving the water to the environment at high pressure and ready to evaporate in the form of water fog.


The water filtered from the network reaches special nozzles with high pressure pump (60-70 bar) and pipes and fogging occurs.


In addition to lowering the temperature of the open environment, the fogging system prevents volatiles such as flies and bees from entering the environment, with the dosing unit to be added to the system, it creates a pleasant appearance with a nice smell and smog effect.


Central air conditioning system of hospitals

Restaurant central air conditioning system

Open shopping areas

Supermarket central air conditioning system

Outdoor cooling systems

Condensar cooling systems

Cooling systems in beaches and gardens

Fan cooling systems

Mobile fan systems

Outdoor cooling systems

10 Ventilators Outdoor Cooling System

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