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It is a system that provides the necessary moisture to keep the products in fish shops and stalls at the fishermen and markets, fresh and look like the first day. If we keep the moisture of the products in the shelves, we will be able to save and not damage our products by preventing them from decaying before the time (before selling).




Bill of Materials (all 20 nozzle line system cooling)


High pressure pump 1


0.2 mm / 0.006 "orifice. (Nozzle) 10


10 "inch triple filter group. 5-10-25µ - Filter 1


3/8 "T fitting nickel plated (T Connection) 2


Clamp 100


3/8 "nylon tubing in coil form -black- hose 30


Nozzle carrier 10


Installation is not included in our prices.

Fish Bench Humidification

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