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Disinfection tunnel for airports, sea ports, marinas, railway station, bus station, greenhouse, slaughterhouse, ovine, bovine farms, pedestrian, living and human hygiene, bacteria and viruses destruction and disinfection.

The tunnel is a tunnel or container in which all external visible areas of people/ pedestrians can be disinfected with all the equipment (floor mat, hand disinfection, and fogging method) to purify microorganisms, hand and foot disinfection and whole body disinfection system.


In human disinfection with a fogging method, the person entering the tunnel disinfects and passes into the hygiene mat, and the entrance sensors that detect the entrance when entering the tunnel automatically activate the fogging.

In the disinfection method, disinfectant liquid coming from the nozzles eliminates harmful microorganisms in the tobacco contact with disinfectant without wetting on the person.


Optionally, it is possible to ensure that the person or pedestrian does not exit the tunnel without hand or foot disinfection to the system.


Optionally, a self-closing mechanical door or an electronic automatic door can be placed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel in order to prevent it from spreading around or to be affected in the least way from outside weather conditions.


Tunnel dimensions;


Standard Tunnel: Height: 2.37 mt, Width: 1.2m, Length: 2.0 mt.


For professional model

1- At least 22-30 nozzles should be used.

2- The tank must have the ability to connect to the network.

3- Thanks to the tank connected to the network, the system should be able to supply water continuously.

4- The tank system disinfectant connected to the network must have a dosing feature.

5- Disinfectant tank should be separate and dosed disinfectant into the system as much as it needs thanks to the system software.

6- Thanks to the automation software, in case the water or disinfectant runs out in the system, the system should alarm and stop the system and protect itself.

7- The system should be adjustable on a 7 inch LCD screen.

8- In case of any malfunction on the system, the system should stop automatically and give an alarm.

9- Since the system works with water, it should close itself to protect the pedestrian in a possible leak.

10- The system should give a warning and take necessary protection measures when the pump is due for maintenance.

11- It should have the feature to show the number of pedestrians disinfected on the screen.

12- 8000 -10000 people should have the ability to disinfect with 20 Lt product with system software support.

13- There should be at least 100 lt solution tank in one filling.

14- There should be a sensor in the entrance (the sensor should not be like a door sensor, it should be activated when switched between them.)

15- In order to prevent dripping from the nozzles, the system should have a valve assembly that sends the disinfectant back to the tank for use after spraying.

16- A filter should be used at the outlet of the warehouse to prevent any pollution in the warehouse.

17- The engine room and the disinfectant cabin should be separated from each other. (In this way, the sound coming out of the machine is prevented from disturbing the staff or the customer. In addition, when it is separate, it can be displayed and replenished to the desired area when disinfectant or water filling is required.)

With Sensor - Automation - PLC - 20 lt with 8000 - 1000 People Disinfection

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