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Mushroom Equipment and Systems One Chamber, (Suitable for Automation)


It is prepared for the equipment that will be required for the rooms to be installed for growing mushrooms.


All of the products are new and have a 2-year warranty.

Mushrooms can be grown in places where the temperature and humidity amount can be kept under control and not in sunlight that is easy to ventilate. In mushroom cultivation, the moisture requirement rises up to 85-95%. Humidification system including a high pressure motor pump with 16 nozzles, 35 mt hose for moisture requirement. This high humidity requirement is possible with Antbiokim fogging humidification systems.


In the System;

1pc 2 Lt High Pressure Pump

1 3/8 inch end plug (Line Terminator)

1pc Filter Set 10 Inch

1pc 1/4 Solenoid Valve 0-16 Bar

3 Meter Low Pressure hose 12 MM

16 Nickel Nozzle Carriers 3/8

16 Nickel Nozzle 0,2 Dripless

30 Meters High Pressure hose 3/8

2 ventilation fans with a diameter of 50 cm

One Analog automation Mushroom
Automation panel

1 CO2 (carbon dioxide meter)

1 pc of Screened NEm and
Temperature Meter

2 snail Fan

Mushroom Room Machinery Equipment Single Chamber 2

SKU: Mantarhane Makina - Ekipman
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