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Cold air retains less moisture than hot air. When the air enters a cold store, its temperature decreases and the humidity decreases. On the cold surface of the cooling pipes in the cooling system, water is separated from the air and condensed. The relative humidity of the air is still high, but in fact it does not carry much moisture. This is a good thing if the air will stay at low temperatures, but the circulating air gets a little hot in the cold storage. The warmer air needs more moisture to reach its natural equilibrium and draws moisture from any surface it touches, including products in the cold storage. This leads to a weight loss of up to 20% in product weight if the air is not humidified, resulting in a product with reduced shelf life and freshness, and consequently great financial damage.


The area around a product is a boundary layer (2 mm) of the air, in which the temperature and humidity balance is achieved with the product. When the cold air from the cooling system flows over the product, this breaks the boundary layer and the new cold air layer absorbs heat from the product, causing the humidity to drop. To maintain a very high humidity (typically 100% relative humidity), this air must be humidified in a controlled manner. As the temperature of the air increases, it takes the moisture from the boundary layer instead of removing it from the product, causing the product to deteriorate.


Many modern distribution warehouses operated by supermarkets and large supermarkets should also be moistened. Production and distribution of a quality product does not make any sense if it is damaged during distribution in warehouses.


It is critical to position humidifiers and distribute moisture throughout the entire tank. It is a wrong approach to give a very high amount of moisture to an area and to hope that it will be distributed in the warehouse. There are many cold storage rooms whose products have been damaged due to incorrectly designed humidification systems.


Çevenerji cooling systems have a comprehensive range of humidifiers that fully meet the requirements of all cold storage application types.

Cold Storage Humidification Systems

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