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Textile products are hygroscopic, that is, they are extremely sensitive to moisture. If the ambient humidity is low, the air absorbs the moisture of the products. As a result, the material properties and texture of the products deteriorate, wear out quickly and tear easily.


Therefore, standards regulating the environmental conditions have been developed for the production and protection of textile products.


During the production and storage of textile products, it should be ensured that the humidity level in the environment is consistent with the standards.


This is the necessary condition for obtaining and maintaining high quality.


With the Fogging Systems, your facility is kept at the desired humidity level and provides a higher quality and more efficient production opportunity and storage.



Air-conditioning plants set up to meet the moisture requirement of the textile-related facility are troubled systems due to both high energy and water costs and cleaning and maintenance problems. Despite all these troubles, their efficiency is low and the desired humidity is often not achieved. With the Fogging Systems to be applied to the air conditioning centers, both low energy and water consumption is provided and the humidity requirement of the facility is provided in the most efficient way.

Textile Humidification Systems

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